3D Printed model parts
posted by Hitek on April 24, 2013

I have been working off and on for the last few years on an AMT/ERTL Millennium Falcon model, and I'm kind of a stickler for accuracy. Because of this, I have purchased a few detail kits from starshipmodeler.com, namely, the side walls kit, the grille kit and the MadMan Fast Tramp lighting kit. The one thing I can never seem to find is the Cockpit detail kit, and that bugs me, because the one from the kit is straight-up crap:

The Millennium Falcon Cockpit Backwall is crap

I started scratchbuilding, and did a pretty decent job on the console and seats, but I could never get the back wall and the hatch part looking right. I had recently designed a prototype microcomputer case for work and had it 3D printed at shapeways.com and thought "I wonder how this would work for tiny model parts?" I did some research, and after a night of 3D modeling, I had my backwall parts designed, and priced it out on shapeways for their ultra detail frosted material. It was pretty cheap, compared to most detail kits, so I ordered one, and it turned out much better than I had expected.

After a quick wash to remove any left over support wax and oil, it takes paint very well, and glues nicely with cyanoacrylate. Here are a few pics:

New Millennium Falcon Cockpit Backwall with proper hatch

The kit is a model all by itself!

New Millennium Falcon Cockpit Backwall detail closeup


New Millennium Falcon Cockpit Backwall kit assembled


You can check it out over at Shapeways.com

Small Console Project update
posted by Hitek on October 30, 2012

consoles.jpg I have updated the Console project with some more images, mostly cartridges, and updated the zip file as well.

Console Project

Venture Arcade gallery updated with Front End Screens
posted by Hitek on October 21, 2012

venture_title.jpg I updated the Venture Arcade gallery with some of the background images I use for my Mala Front-End.

Venture Arcade

RSS Feed
posted by Hitek on October 8, 2012

rss.jpg I have added an RSS feed which is accessible via the RSS Icon to the right.

RSS Feed

New game controller images
posted by Hitek on October 7, 2012

consoles.jpg New game controller images are up on the Console Project page.

Console Project

Console Project page is up
posted by Hitek on October 4, 2012

consoles.jpg I have started a new project to build 3D models of all the major game consoles. This page is here to view renders of the models.

Console Project

Venture Arcade gallery updated
posted by Hitek on July 29, 2012

venture_title.jpg I finally managed to finish the monster Venture Arcade showcase cabinet. Gallery has been updated with a few more images.

Venture Arcade

Updated AER9 build gallery
posted by Hitek on May 14, 2012

fallout.jpg I have updated the AER9 build gallery with more pics. I still need to put up more pics of the finished prop, but to be honest, I haven't taken that many yet.

AER9 Gallery

SWTOR Datacrons
posted by Hitek on March 25, 2012

datacrons_splash.jpg I have put up a section with information regarding Datacrons in Star Wars The Old Republic. It is broken into three sections, Republic Datacrons, Empire Datacrons and All. There will be more information going into these page soon.

All Datacrons Republic Datacrons Empire Datacrons

Venture Arcade page is up
posted by Hitek on March 25, 2012

venture_title.jpg The Venture arcade page is up with description and lots of pictures.

Venture Arcade