AER9 Build

For Halloween last year (2011), I decided to do a Fallout 3/NV themed costume. I decided on a vault jumpsuit, which would be easy enough to make, Pipboy 3000, boots and various other little items. The Pipboy 3000 is being constructed using resin casts made by Zook_One over at

Along with the Pipboy and the vault jumpsuit, I needed a weapon. I decided on the AER9 Laser Rifle. I picked the AER9 for several reasons:

  • 1. It's distinctive and easily recognizable as part of the Fallout universe.
  • 2. There were plans available (Made by NeXXt at
  • 3. There were several excellent build writeups with lots of pics
  • 4. It just looks cool.

This is the build gallery.


The buttstock is made of 1/2" MDF. I printed out NeXXt's plans, cut the shape of the buttstock out with a hobby knife and taped it to my MDF. Using a Jigsaw, I cut out the basic shape.
For the 3 large holes, I used the closest holesaws I had, 2" for the front two, and 2 3/8" for the back. The slots were made by drilling the end holes, then very carefully cutting the center out with the jigsaw.
The Greeblies are all just wooden circle bits from Michaels, Some of them from the wood section of the store, some from the doll house section of the store. You can find all kinds of stuff there
The surround is a 1" wide strip of 1/4" sintra, heat formed around the stock, then drilled and screwed into place. Screws and holes were then puttied over and sanded flush. Styrene rectangles make the "grip" part on the top.

Basic cuts done on the butt stock
Another shot of the butt stock
Some greeblies added to butt stock
Trigger again.
Better shot of the trigger
Heat forming the sintra surround.
The stock surround is made of sintra with some styrene bits.
Filling the screw holes and the bits that got dented because of the heat and the clamps.

Microfusion Cell

The Microfusion cell was a fun part to build. I used Volpin's method of cutting out several 2" DIA, 3/8" MDF circles using a 2-1/8" holesaw, then jammed them on a drillbit that was slightly bigger then the center hole, and glued and clamped them together.
When the glue was dry, I put a drillstop on one end of the drill, and put the other end in my drillpress, since I don't have a lathe. It was slightly wobbly, but MDF is easy to work at lower speed, so it wasn't much trouble shaping it.
The flat gullies in the top were done with a file, and the cap is a sintra disk cut using a holesaw, then filed around the edge.
The primer/paint is Rustoleum from Home Depot. The weathering was done with a mixture of dirty paint thinner and black paint, and black, brown and brick red pastel chalks ground up on sandpaper and applied to the wet thinner.

Primered, with sintra cap
Top painted silver
Yellow paint done.
Started the weathering.
Microfusion cell finished!


The barrel is constructed from a 2' section of 2-1/2" square PVC tube that I ordered from
For the Microfusion Cell cutout, I just drilled the corners with a 5/8" paddle bit, and jigsawed/hacksawed the straight lines
The side vents were created by using a jigsaw to cut 2 lines on each side. I then scored a bend line on each side, and bent the flat parts until they touched in the middle, and super-glued them together. Then I cut two 2-1/2" square pieces out of 1mm styrene, slid them in the gap left by the jigsaw blade and superglued them in place.
The front "box" is constructed from mostly 1/4" sintra, with some styrene bits and a wood dowel for the "range finder"(?)

partially completed barrel
Front box
parts parts parts
parts placed together just to see how it looks
More details
More details
More details
More details
More details
The 'hump'
The 'hump'
The 'hump'
Back housing
Front housing
Test fit
Front grip
Test fit
Test fit

Decals and misc

Decals are modified versions of Volpin's printed on Testors inkjet decal paper and sealed with Rustoleum clear. Also pictured is the top knob-thingy that attaches to the yellow tube/wire on the top of the barrel.

Vault 101 Jumpsuit
Vault 101 Jumpsuit
Vault 101 Jumpsuit
Strategic Air Command Missile Crew Jumpsuit seems VERY appropriate for Fallout :)
Glove, Pipboy and shoulder armor
AER9 90% complete, Pipboy and glove mostly done as well.
Pipboy painted
Pipboy painted
The whole ensemble
Spendin' money!