Adia Ond Web Browser MMORPG Adia-Ond Game Screen

Adia-Ond is an experiment/project I started back in 2004. I wanted to see if it was possible to build a full featured MMORPG using only features that are directly available to a web browser of that era, using no plugins. This was a great learning experience, and I'm contemplating starting a new one with current web technology. The game was never finished, though I did manage to add the following features (and more):

  • Complete Character generation system, with 5 races and 5 classes
  • Large map to explore, complete with towns, keeps and even some dungeons.
  • Working Movement engine, allowing players to move around the world, including teleporters in some locations
  • Working communication system, including chat, tells, viewing other players on the map, inspecting other players, and a "who" list
  • Partially working NPC system
  • Simple combat system
  • Simple experience and level system
  • 90% complete inventory and shop system. You can buy items and equip them
  • Day/Night, as well as "fog of war" for dungeons
  • Bug report system
  • Persistent world and auto saves. When you login, your character is right where you left him/her
  • Robust set of Admin tools for content management

Adia-Ond is back online for the time being. There is no current development going on, and I don't plan on doing anything else with it. It's just a demo at this point. Click the screenshot to go to the game index.