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This is technically a part of the Venture Arcade, but it's kind of grown into it's own project. I started out wanting to have some decent line drawing/technical renderings of all the consoles for their respective game list screens on the arcade machine. When I couldn't find any good ones, I started looking for models that I could render. When I wasn't satisfied with the poly count or accuracy of most of the free models I found, I decided to build them all from scratch. These are some of the resulting renders.

Note: You can click the larger image view to get the super 2000x2000 of each image.


Amiga 1200. Not a console, but close enough :)
Original Atari 2600 'Sixer'
Back of the Original Atari 2600 'Sixer'
1980 Atari 2600
Back of the 1980 Atari 2600
Full Atari 2600 System
Atari 2600 Cartridge
Atari 2600 Cartridge Back
Gameboy Cartridge
N64 Cartridge
N64 Cartridge Back
NES Cartridge
NES Cartridge Back
SNES Cartridge
Dreamcast in standard grey
Gamecube in standard black
Gamecube in Indigo blue
Gamecube in Platinum
Gamecube in Spice orange
Original Gameboy
Original Gameboy Back. I spent way too much time on this. There are batteries in there.
Stock Sega Genesis
Stock PAL Sega Mega Drive
Nintendo 64 in Funtastic Fire orange
Nintendo 64 in Funtastic Grape purple
Nintendo 64 in standard grey
Nintendo 64 in Funtastic Ice blue
Nintendo 64 in Funtastic Jungle green
Nintendo 64 in Funtastic Smoke grey
Nintendo 64 in Funtastic Watermelon red
NES in standard grey
Standard PS1
Standard PS2
Back of PS2 with HDD and Network Module
SNES in standard grey
Stock Super Famicom
Stock PAL Super Nintendo
Standard XBOX


Aimtrack gun for arcade machines
Standard Atari 2600 controller
Standard Atari 2600 Driving controller
Standard Atari 2600 Paddle controller
Competition Pro for C64, Amiga, Atari
Standard Dreamcast controller
Dreamcast Visual Memory Unit
Gamecube controller in Black
Gamecube controller in Indigo
Gamecube controller in Platinum
Gamecube controller in Spice
Standard NES controller
1st NES Zapper in Grey
2nd NES Zapper in Red
PS2 controller in standard Black
SNES controller with blue buttons
SNES controller with color buttons

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No consoles or controllers were harmed in the making of these images :)