Below, you will find a small sampling of graphics work over the years. I started my career as an product illustrator and 3D modeler, but switched to programming in the mid 90s. As such, I've never really felt a need to keep a portfolio.

Logo for my browser-based MMORPG.
Illustration of Boba Fett, character from Star Wars.
User dashboard page for Telepigeon website.
User settings page for Telepigeon website.
Website design exploration.
3D raytrace of a \
Humorous fictitious ad about Guinness.
Mobile view, Inmate details page for Telepigeon website.
Stylized logo for JiffyDOS, 3rd party DOS wedge for Commodore computers.
Mobile view, User dashboard page for Telepigeon website.
Mobile view, My Profile page for Telepigeon website.
T-Shirt design.
T-Shirt design.
Details overlay for touchscreen kiosk.
Touchscreen design for informational kiosks placed in hotel lobbies.
Logo entry for design contest for The Poker Project.
3D raytrace of a \
Logo for Selfpitch.
Game Logo experimentation.
Logo/Icon treatment for my own Stylus touchscreen jukebox software.
UI asset experimentation.
Illustration of a half decayed panda.
Illustration of Darth Vader, character from Star Wars.
Logo for a vaporizer brand.