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Rewriting D64 visualizer!
posted by Hitek on March 16, 2016

I'm finally getting around to rewriting my D64 visualizer. The new version will have the following features:

  • D64 and G64 support
  • More modern interface
  • Output as both bitmap and vector
  • Better Graphics teaser image

Commodore Device Illustrations
posted by Hitek on August 3, 2014

More Illustrations:

These are just some graphics I did for the hell of it. I think I have covered most popular Commodore 8-bit equipment from the Vic20 onward. The set includes many states for each device (On, Off, Disk Activity, etc). Here are some small samples:
VIC-20 Set
VIC-20 Set

C-64 Set
C-64 Set

C-128 Set
C-128 Set

Plus/4 Set
Plus/4 Set

Here's a comprehensive list of the devices:

VIC20 Silver Label, VIC20, C64 Silver Label, C64, C64 Mustard Keys, C64C, C128, C16, Plus/4
All computers have on and off states.

Disk Drives:
VIC1541, C1541 (push door and lever door), C1541C, 1541-II, 1571, 1581
(All drives have 4 states, On, Off, Disk, Activity)

Tape Drives:
1530, 1531
(All drives have 4 states, On, Off, Play, Save)

The monitor is a 1701 with various screens on it:
Off, VIC20, C64, C128, Plus4/C16
(All screens have 3 states, On, Disk, Load)

1350 Mouse (4 states, no buttons, left button, right button, both buttons), 1311 Joystick, 1764 REU, 1750 REU

All the images in this set are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlime 3.0 Unported License. Attribution: Keith Greene,
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