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Stylus jukebox is an Adobe Air touchscreen jukebox app that I wrote for a standalone mp3 jukebox I was in the process of building, since I couldn't find any software that would do exactly what I wanted it to do. Most home jukebox software is built for arcade type machines that use buttons to scroll, select, etc. Many of those will also "work" with a touchscreen, but they're either optimized for a mouse or buttons, and don't work well with a touchscreen. I wanted something that was specifically built around a touchscreen, so I wrote it myself.


Stylus Jukebox has the following features:

Touchscreen Interface

Interface is optimized for touchscreens, not a mouse, joystick, keyboard or buttons.

SQLite backend

Lightweight SQLite database, keeps track of your music library and jukebox statistics and user settings.

HTML/CSS Interface

HTML and CSS interface means it's skinable without having to mess with too much code.

Album based browsing

The jukebox uses an artist/album based browsing metaphor, allowing you to quickly move through albums to find what you want.

Powerful Searching

The jukebox allows you to search by artist, album, song or tag.

Kinetic scrollers for all lists

All lists scroll with the flick of a finger, just like on an ipad or other touchscreen device.


Users can add themselves to the jukebox database and add albums to their favorites list so they don't have to search for their favorite music all the time.


The jukebox stores a list of the most popular artists, albums, songs and genres, as well as lists of newly imported music.


Albums can be tagged, and then searched by tags.

YouTube player

Search and play YouTube videos without having to launch a browser.

Built in web interface

The jukebox has a built in web interface that allows you to search your music library and enque songs from any device with a web browser on your local network.

Android Remote

I am also building a native android app to remote control the jukebox, similar to the the web interface, but with more advanced features.

Webcam Interface

There is a built in webcam interface that allows you to take pics from the jukebox interface directly, or trigger them from the web interface or Android App.


The Admin interface allows you to make changes to the interface, such as turning off the "clear playlist" feature, or "add album to playlist" feature, and setting other defaults.

Interface Shots:

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